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Division Twelve, a subsidiary of Keilhauer has just opened up its brand new showroom in Chicago. Located on the third floor of Chicago’s famous Merchandise Mart, the new Division Twelve showroom is designed by interior design firm Figure3 and mirrors the brand’s goals to spark joy and creativity. To capture these sentiments, the design incorporates custom graphics that present the company’s expansive 20+ color offering. The unexpected use of dimension, space, and scale softly suggests the limitless possibilities available with the furniture line.

Creative use of vertical space is also included, adding intrigue and utilized to showcase the product’s breadth. Complemented by the collection’s clean, softly minimal lines, the space maintains a feeling of openness in the boutique space.

Elements of Figure3’s design have also been incorporated into Division Twelve’s New York and Toronto showrooms. In New York, Division Twelve occupies the North East corner of the Keilhauer showroom located at 200 Lexington Avenue #1100. In Toronto, the products are available for viewing at the Keilhauer Headquarters at 1450 Birchmount Avenue via rotating Division Twelve vignettes, intended for work and show, which are interspersed throughout the office.

More photos of the Chicago showroom can be accessed here.

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