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IDC advocates for Canadian interior designers, here at home and across the globe, expanding opportunities for international interior design experiences and partnerships.

Our vision is for all companies, organizations, governments, and individuals to know when it is appropriate to hire an interior design professional for a project.

Our goal is to provide a platform for meaningful member engagement, deliver exceptional professional development, and promote participation in both.


IDC Strategic Plan

Professional development

Interior designers are required to fulfill professional development requirements in order to remain members in good standing with their provincial association, which is facilitated through the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC).

IDC offers continuing education opportunities to members across Canada to help members fulfill their continuing education requirements and keep up to date on current industry regulations, business practices, and trends. Learn more about IDC’s 2021 professional development webinar series.

IDC publishes news and professional development information for members via monthly bulletins and on its online event calendar.


President’s Webinar series


IDC’s President’s Webinar series present an ideal opportunity for members to further their engagement with IDC and to better understand the functions of their national association.

View the events calendar to sign up for IDC’s upcoming President’s Webinar.

Watch past President’s Webinars.




The Federal/Industry Real Property Advisory Council (FIRPAC) provides a forum for partners to discuss issues pertaining to the planning and management of federal real property and includes representatives in the disciplines of interior design, architecture, engineering, facility management, construction, heritage conservation, quantity surveying, and landscape architecture. IDC is continuing to work with FIRPAC and a detailed update on our FIRPAC initiatives will be available soon.

Advocacy resources

IDC Logos

IDC members can request to download high resolution IDC logos to display on their websites and social media here.

Advocacy Videos

IDC and NCIDQ have produced videos to help educate the public on the work of interior designers and the profession.


View and share more IDC advocacy videos.


View and share more NCIDQ advocacy videos.


Awards and scholarships

2021 IDC Awards Now Open for Submissions!


  • Value of Design Awards (VODA)
    IDC’s Value of Design Awards shine a spotlight on Canadian interior designers by providing a forum to showcase the benefits of design thinking: an empathetic, inventive, and iterative process focused on the human experience within interior spaces. View IDC’s 2021 VODA winners and a list of past VODA recipients. Learn more and submit your application.
  • Innovation in Design Thinking: IDC Student Competition
    The purpose of this competition is to provide students with a national platform to demonstrate the value of interior design and illustrate the positive impact design has on the users of the spaces, supported by evidence-based research. Learn more and submit your application.
  • IDC PROpel Emerging Leaders Program
    PROpel is a national competition created exclusively for emerging leaders, providing the opportunity for engagement in discussions and connections with influential representatives in the interior design community. Meet IDC’s 2021 PROpel Emerging Leaders Leanna Cheung, Jade CrabbeKayla Lindgren, Kayley Mullings, Anna Walker, and Jesse Wyman. Learn more and submit your application.
  • IDC Legacy Award for Distinguished Service
    The IDC Legacy Award for Distinguished Service is the most prestigious individual award presented by IDC. The recipient of this award exemplifies outstanding service and dedication to IDC and more broadly to the interior design community in Canada. The award honours the individuals, companies or institutions that are recognized as being trailblazers to the design community nationally. Meet IDC’s 2021 Legacy Award winner. Learn more and submit your application.
  • IDC Fellows
    Becoming an IDC Fellow is the most prestigious honour that the association can bestow upon an IDC member. It is intended to recognize extraordinary, notable, and significant contributions to the profession and/or the association. Meet IDC’s 2021 Fellow and view full list of IDC’s past Fellows. Learn more and submit your application.
  • IDC Honorary Membership
    Honorary Membership may be granted to individuals who are not interior designers by profession but have made notable and outstanding contributions to the profession and the interior design community. Meet IDC’s 2020 Honorary Members. Learn more and submit your application.
  • Wayne Thomson Scholarship
    The Wayne Thomson Scholarship is awarded annually to one or more candidates under financial hardship who have recently completed the IDFX, IDPX and are eligible for or have completed the practicum for the NCIDQ. Applicants must be fully-qualified intern/provisional members of their provincial interior design association. Learn more and submit your application.
  • Robert Ledingham Scholarship
    The Robert Ledingham Scholarship is awarded annually to one or more candidates who have recently been accepted, or who are currently enrolled (within their first year of study) in graduate school at the master’s or doctorate level. Learn more and submit your application.
  • BYU Design Bursary
    Created in 2014 by IDC and Bob’s Your Uncle (BYU) Design, owned by IDC Fellow, past-president and Registered interior designers Ada Bonini and Cheryl Broadhead, the BYU Design Bursary is awarded annually to one or more emerging professionals who, for reasons of financial hardship, are unable to join their provincial interior design association as an Intern/Provisional member. Learn more and submit your application.


Get involved


Consider getting involved and aiding IDC in its advocacy initiatives to impress the importance of the interior design industry to the public. Fill out the short volunteer registration form to receive updates on how to get involved and the latest initiatives happening at IDC.