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Q+A with IDC Technology Partner, Vectorworks.

Q1: Tell us about Vectorworks and its origins.

Vectorworks, Inc. is an award-winning design and BIM software provider serving the architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and entertainment industries in 85 countries.

The Vectorworks product line is one of the world’s best-selling cross-platform design and BIM applications, and users rely on it to create ground-breaking environments.

From the beginning, Vectorworks has played a critical role in the CAD field, having created one of the very first CAD programs, one of the first 3D modelling programs, the most successful CAD software for the Mac OS, and the first cross-platform CAD application to market.

Vectorworks was also one of the first in the design industry to introduce BIM capabilities to our software offerings – even before BIM became an industry buzzword, and was the first major BIM authoring platform to run natively on Apple’s M1 Family of Chips.

Today, more than 685,000 designers are creating, connecting, and influencing the next generation of design with Vectorworks.

Q2: What types of products or services does your company offer?

Vectorworks is design-centred software that delivers a flexible and collaborative solution for designers. Our software helps designers communicate your vision to clients through each step of the design process with mood boards for inspiration, rendering options for visualization, and an extensive content library to achieve unparalleled detail in your designs. Vectorworks allows you to draw in 2D or 3D, and is compatible with MacOS and Windows operating systems, making it a truly versatile solution for designers.

Vectorworks also offers a variety of training and professional development resources to help designers gain the confidence to draw anything they can imagine. We offer something for everyone from one-on-one customized training sessions to free webinars and tutorials.

Q3: What makes Vectorworks Canada stand out as a Technology Partner?

Vectorworks stands out as a Technology Partner through our dedication to supporting the success and development of designers. Through the technology partnership, we provide training to help designers stay ahead of industry trends and optimize workflows. In doing so, we support interior designers in increasing your knowledge and skills to advance your career and stand out from your competition.

Q4: Why is it important for IDC to have a Technology category for Partners?

The technology category for partners recognizes design partners whose end users are the designers themselves, not their customers. The partnership gives space for Vectorworks to connect with interior designers to understand your needs and how we can help you impress your clients to win more work.

Q5: How can IDC members find out more about Vectorworks Canada or get in touch with you?