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Q1: Tell us about your company.

Ya Phygital Fabrica stands at the forefront of design innovation, crafting furniture and objects that redefine how we experience our spaces. Established in 2022, Ya Phygital Fabrica is a distinguished design enterprise based in Canada, specializing in high-quality furniture, decor, and home accessories. The company redefines how we experience our spaces, blending the warmth of traditional craftsmanship with the boundless possibilities of digital fabrication.

At the helm of this creative force is Yury Goncharov, a visionary designer with a sculptor’s eye and an engineer’s mind. Alina Tacmelova steers the brand’s vision, ensuring that innovations resonate deeply with our audience. Yury’s leadership brings a deep understanding of form and function to every piece, pushing the boundaries of what furniture can be.

Welcome to Ya Phygital Fabrica. Experience a place where design has no limits, and furniture transcends the ordinary.


Q2: What new product, showroom, initiative, or event would you like to announce to IDC members?

Ya Phygital Fabrica, the studio known for its artistic and sustainable approach, recently brought two exciting showcases to Milan Design Week 2024, featured at the Isola Design Gallery exposition.

Alta Purpura Mota; Armchair: Inspired by the mysteries of the cosmos and the ever-changing hues of celestial bodies, this armchair embodies a captivating fusion of science and artistry. Crafted exclusively for Milan Design Week, this exquisite piece redefines the concept of dynamic furniture. 

The EX-PERIMENT Collection: The energy of Elvis Presley and the iconic shapes of the 1960s were reimagined with innovative tech and an eco-conscious focus. This acclaimed collection has already wowed audiences in New York and Toronto and now makes its European debut.


Q3: How can IDC members engage or communicate with you?

If you are in Toronto or Ontario, we would be happy to give you a tour of our production facilities, share information about our capabilities, and demonstrate our technologies. For those unable to visit us, we invite you to follow our activities on social media.


Tacmelova Alina
Creative Visionary; Business Development Lead, Ya Phygital Fabrica




Photo credits: Anwyn Howarth
Instagram: @bracket__studio