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To bring members together virtually and ensure full benefits of membership in these challenging times, IDC is introducing a series of IDCEC-approved webinars relevant to the interior design profession and practice.

These webinars, which are a direct response to a member survey published earlier this month, are available exclusively to IDC members and aim to provide members with access to continuous learning and completion of Continuing Education Units.

IDC will be selecting a lucky winner from the list of members who attend all webinars in the series to receive a 50% off discount on their 2021 IDC membership.

All upcoming webinars will be featured on IDC’s events calendar, with the first webinar of the series launching on Thursday, June 4, 2020.

Transforming Aging through Healthier Design | June 4, 12 – 1 p.m. ET

This presentation will examine aging from a physiological, sociological, and economic perspective. The discussion will focus on how design directly impacts the quality of long-term care experience of geriatric care and healthcare workers and the latest trends driving design for aging populations. It will also identify how architects, designers, and artists are working to create supportive environments that suit the health, financial and social needs of this group and their caregivers.

Residential Building Permit Fundamentals | June 9, 12 – 1 p.m. ET

This presentation will cover how to prepare for the ‘building permit’ COVID-19 backlog – how to get your permit ready easily; building permit basics; when do you need a building permit; and the latest changes to the building permits. This discussion will focus on building permit do’s and don’ts, who can help with the process, staying up to date with the latest changes and implementations, and working with inspectors.

Mess is Stress | June 18, 12 – 1 p.m. ET

Modern workplace environments show a growing trend in the integration of home-like amenities into productive workspaces. We’ve seen this emergence through a growing demand by employees to simulate “home-like” environments that promote not only collaboration and productivity but positive mindset and general well-being as well. The workplace has grown to be an extension of the home and the habits of the home can at times infringe on the workplace. Clutter and dysfunctional work environments are resulting in decreased employee morale, lowered productivity, and a general sense of unhappiness in the workplace. Scientific studies show how clutter not only acts as physical barriers but is also a dominant variable in the degeneration of mental health and well-being. Companies are taking major steps and allocating millions in dollars into resourcing solutions to this issue in order to ensure they keep up with the demands of employees.

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