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To better support members, IDC has established relationships with the federal government to advocate for member needs, lobby government on needed changes to the interior design profession, and keep members informed about issues that may impact their businesses.

Federal / Industry Real Property Advisory Council or (FIRPAC)

In 2019, IDC started working with the Federal/Industry Real Property Advisory Council (FIRPAC) for Federal integration in Ottawa. Johanna Garwood is IDC’s lead on the Council. She is an IDC member, Senior Registered Interior Designer at David S. McRobie Architects Inc., and past President of ARIDO EOC.

The Council provides a forum for the public and private sector to discuss issues pertaining to the planning and management of Federal Real Properties including the disciplines of architecture, engineering, construction, facility management, interior design, heritage conservation, quantity surveying and landscape architecture.

This initiative is helping IDC navigate legislative issues and member inquires. Currently the Council is discussing the requirement for offering service/documentation and furniture procurement in both official languages.

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS)

In November 2022, IDC began working with Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS). IDC CEO, Trevor Kruse was elected as an independent representative and a non-practicing interior designer to join the BGIS National Consulting Industry Representatives Committee.

BGIS meets with National Consulting Industry Representatives twice per year to give all stakeholders a chance to virtually meet and provide updates.

This Industry Committee consists of representatives from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Canada (ACEC), the professional body for interior designers in Quebec, APDIQ, and IDC.

Current issues brought to the committee’s attention are members’ challengers with BGIS’s process. Members are encouraged to share any issues they encounter with BGIS to the IDC CEO ahead of the next Committee meeting in late May.

National Occupation Classification

Investigation is currently being undertaken to update the ‘Interior Designer’ classification within the National Occupation Classification.

The most recent update has conflated Interior Designer and Interior decorator as similar professions and the definitions are not providing the clarity of previous classifications.

IDC will keep members informed as progress is made on this initiative.

National Building Code

IDC offers continuing education opportunities to members across Canada to help members fulfil their continuing education requirements and keep up to date on current industry regulations, business practices, and trends.

Building Code CEUs are popular programs, and are usually available for members twice per year, at no cost. The 2020 National Building Code of Canada was updated in March 2022 and includes key updates related to accessibility. To learn more about the changes, view the full document.

IDC publishes news and professional development information for members via monthly bulletins and on its online events calendar. The 2023 CEU schedule will be available to members in spring.

Advisory Council for Harmonized Construction Codes (ACHCC)

IDC was recently part of the inaugural meeting for members of the Advisory Council for Harmonized Construction Codes (ACHCC).

The ACHCC is a committee of the Canadian Board for Harmonized Construction Codes (CBHCC).

The purpose of the initial meeting was to review the terms of reference, hold a preliminary discussion on priorities for the 2030 National Model Codes, and discuss policy recommendations on greenhouse gas emissions.

Committee work is expected to move quickly. The next meeting is scheduled for late May.

For more information on IDC’s federal initiatives, please contact