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IDC 50th Anniversary

Since 1972, Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) has been the national advocacy association for the interior design profession. This year IDC is celebrating 50 years as a member association.
To commemorate this important milestone, IDC announced a multi-faceted campaign to celebrate interior design and IDC members.

The campaign includes video interviews, contributed quotes and articles, and media coverage honouring IDC members and showcasing diverse perspectives through the decades – from the early ’70s to today, and into the future.

Featured here are interior design trailblazers who helped build IDC from the ground up, contemporary designers who contributed to the much-needed changes within the industry and at IDC, and students and junior designers who will carry the legacy of interior design.

Thank you to all who penned thoughtful words, sent in photographs, and devoted time for film interviews. Doris Hasell, IDC’s founding member and interior designer, kicked off the campaign!

IDC's 50th Anniversary Videos

Doris Hasell, an IDC founding member and interior designer recalls the early efforts to get IDC off the ground in this interview.

IDC Member, Merissa Reed shares her experience in IDC’s PROpel Emerging Leaders Program and the opportunity it provided to connect with designers from across Canada.

IDC Board Member, and past President, Carol Jones reflects on IDC’s development as an organization and its past, present and future commitment to advocating on behalf of the interior design profession.

IDC member, and Award of Merit winner of the 2021 Innovation in Design Thinking: IDC Student Competition, Basharatullah Rahmat discusses the future of eco-friendly and value-driven interior design and the career development experienced through being involved with IDC.

Marilyn Donoghue, an IDC founding member and interior designer, recalls the formation of IDC and discusses the future of the profession.

IDC President, interior designer, and founder of Decanthropy, Ian Rolston, shares his hopes for the future of IDC and his optimism regarding the development of interior design in Canada.

IDC CEO and interior designer, Trevor Kruse, recalls IDC’s restructuring project and discusses the association’s continued development.

Interior designer and 2021 Student Competition Award of Excellence winner, Leah Lorentz, discusses design’s value and impact.

IDC founding member, Tomislav Cerkvenac, reflects on the early stages of his career and the association’s formative years.

Contributed Articles

The early years in Halifax, N.S. | July 6, 2022

By Heather Robertson Corrigan

Reflections on IDC’s 50th Anniversary| June 7, 2022

By Sooz Klinkhamer, MA, BAA, RID, FIDIBC, FIIDA, FIDC, FIDEC, NCIDQ Certified, Re-Retired

50 years of Interior Design Continuing Education | May 5, 2022

By Georgi Sizeland and David Hanson

The Faces of Interior Design’s Past, Present, and Future | April 20, 2022

By IDC staff

Recollections of the founding of Interior Designers of Canada in 1972 | April 7, 2022

By Marilyn Donoghue

IDC Celebrates 50 Years of Interior Design | Jan. 17, 2022

By IDC staff


IDC Celebrates 50 Years of Interior Design | June 27, 2022

By Jessica Kirby, Western Living magazine

Why Having Qualified Interior Designers on Your Team Is a Smart Move | March 18, 2022

By Tania Amardeil, National Post / Media Planet

IDC celebrates 50 years of interior design | March 8, 2022

By IDC staff, Design Quarterly / Remi Network

notable quotes

“The Interior Designers of Canada is a forward-looking organization. They had the vision almost a decade ago to support the centralization and automation of IDCEC (International Design Continuing Education Council Inc.) services. Design practitioners across North America now have access to quality professional development and lifelong learning that keeps them relevant. The organization’s mission has stayed true to the furthering of the profession through advocacy efforts and delivering high quality services to its members.”

Brynell D’Mello, CHRL, Hon. FASID, Chief Executive Officer, International Design Continuing Education Council Inc.

“The most significant event during my term was the continuing Pandemic where all events were conducted on virtual platforms. This may have detracted from some events but the VODA awards were an exception as they were enhanced. Award winners, their teams and clients were interviewed and filmed about the positive impact the design of the space had on users. In addition to seeing beautiful images of the spaces, we heard about the research designers did to identify the human needs and business drivers for their projects. I hope we can present VODA awards to designers in person in the future, but continue to interview and film beforehand so we can truly show the Value of Design.”

Deborah Rutherford, BID, Masters Design Management, President IDC 2020-2021

“Associations have a huge opportunity to be a guiding beacon and convener for the profession’s aspirations. This time of immense change, in particular, is one among many watershed moments for associations to lead the profession and further a collective vision for a better world. I am not sure how the interior design profession will get there without the associations bringing together thought leaders for important conversations and supporting initiatives that translate aspiration into intentional trajectory.”

Holly Mattson, Chief Executive Officer, Council for Interior Design Accreditation

“The evolution of IDC is indicative of embracing fundamental organizational change. IIDA salutes the staunch dedication of IDC, its Board and members for recognizing that change is equivalent to survival and for insuring that professional interior design in Canada will be represented by a vital and resilient organization that both lives and practices its ideals and core values.”

Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA, Executive Vice President and CEO, IIDA

“IDC has expanded my interior design world from local to global, providing opportunities for connecting across the country and world, travel, prof development and friendship.”

Donna Assaly, Licensed Interior Designer AAA IDA Fellow IDC, ASSALY LICENSED INTERIOR DESIGN INC.

“IDC has grown to be a very professional organization that represents the profession well, and one which is very highly respected by our own industry, other design organizations, government entities, and corporate partners. IDC’s work with similar design associations, such as ASID, IIDA, CIDA, CIDQ and others, has given them great credibility and shown them to be a trusted partner. Their outreach and work with various government agencies has led to great opportunities for design practitioners across the country.”

Victoria Horobin, ARIDO, IDC, NCIDQ, Principal, KBH Interior Design Inc.

“Since joining the IDC one year ago, we have been able to sponsor, deliver CEU presentations, survey designers, collaborate with the design community, and join committees. It is very important that we are connected to the designers in our community. We are committed to ongoing research and development and to finding insights and ideas that connect with our customers. Being a member of IDC allows us to do that.”

Denise Turner, Design Development Manager, Fisher & Paykel Appliances Canada Inc.

“IDC’s focus has always been the advocacy of our interior design industry on a national level. As a former owner/principal of figure3 in Toronto, I take great pride in the potential and ability of Canadian designers to make a difference in the lives of the people experiencing our work. The mission of IDC is to advance and expand the reach of our members and member firms to succeed both locally and beyond our borders.”

Caroline Hughes, Principal, Hughes + Associates Interior Design Inc.

“There is a very hopeful future for interior designers, as the demand continues to rise for functional and beautiful spaces, and the knowledge of what a designer can do for you, continues to grow.”

Miranda Young, CEO + Interior Designer, Alt Haus

“What I love about IDC is its constant and dogged commitment to the interior design industry in Canada, and to the growth and recognition of Canadian interior designers both in Canada and beyond. Under the careful hands of a relatively small staff and a dedicated pool of volunteers, IDC has matured into the doyenne of Canadian interior design. Most profoundly for me – IDC has taught me to be fiercely proud of my profession and of the work that we as interior designers do. I wish that same sentiment for all IDC members now and in the future.”

Aandra Currie Shearer, IDIBC, FIDC

“ASID and IDC have always found strength in each other and pushed one another to move the profession forward. Whether through providing inspiring content through publication partnerships or uniting on shared values, like design’s role in health and sustainability, we’re honored to celebrate our rich partnership with IDC and their amazing contribution to the design profession on their 50th anniversary.”

Gary Wheeler, FASID, ASID CEO

Thank you to IDC sponsor, Benjamin Moore, for their support of the campaign, the 50th-anniversary project, and Canada’s interior design industry.