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Members are invited to submit a project free of charge for the Canadian Property Awards 2024-2025!*

The Canadian Property Awards form part of the International Property Awards. Companies and projects that are successful in the Canadian Property Awards can progress to enjoy success and recognition for the Americas, and ultimately, compete on an international basis too.

Established over 30 years ago, the International Property Awards are open to residential and commercial property professionals from around the globe.

The awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. An International Property Award is a world-renowned mark of excellence.

There are more than twenty Interior Design categories available and over 70 categories in total.

Members who submit a project to IDC’s Value of Design Awards will receive a code for the Canadian Property Awards.

  1. Visit or
  2. Select a category and follow the prompts
  3. Use the IDC code at checkout

Once registered you will be allocated a member of our Customer Services team who will be on hand to advise you on portfolio preparation, deadlines, and how to make the most of your registration.

Here is a list of our 2024 Interior Design categories (projects must be completed)

  • Bathroom Design
  • Home Staging
  • Interior CGI Company
  • Interior Designer Website
  • Kitchen Design
  • Leisure Interior
  • Mixed-use Interior
  • Office Interior
  • Public Service Interior
  • Residential Property Interior (Apartment)
  • Residential Property Interior (Private Residence)
  • Residential Property Interior (Show Home)
  • Retail Interior
  • Smart Home
  • Hotel Interior (Hotel Awards)
  • Hotel Bar Interior (Hotel Awards)
  • Hotel Bathroom Interior (Hotel Awards)
  • Hotel Conference Facilities Interior (Hotel Awards)
  • Hotel Lobby Interior (Hotel Awards)
  • Hotel Restaurant Interior (Hotel Awards)
  • Hotel Spa Interior (Hotel Awards)
  • Hotel Suite Interior (Hotel Awards)

*You are welcome to register for more than one category. Free registration applies to the first category you register only, subsequent categories are subject to our standard registration fee.

For more information, email