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Q+A with Glen Brewer, President of Midgley Tecnica, IDC board member and Chair of the Industry Committee.

IDC: What makes Midgley Tecnica great?

Glen Brewer: Midgley Tecnica (MT) is a distributor of porcelain tile, slabs, and mosaics. Our focus is on servicing the professional designer. MT has many exclusive products and we are the Canadian distributor for Crossville Tile, a leader in the production of porcelain tile in North America. A very large percentage of our material is from Italy, specifically Keope, Appiani, and Bardelli.

We pride ourselves in holding a leadership role in educating the design community. We offer many continuing education units relating to the tile industry. Our showroom, located in Toronto, serves the Canadian and international markets and offers an exclusive lounge for designers. Midgley Tecnica is a National Industry Partner of IDC. 

IDC: What can we expect to see at your new showroom?

GB: Our showroom was designed by Andrew Gallici of Gensler with the professional designer as its focus. Our showroom has an exclusive designer lounge, a large kitchen and bar, and samples presented in a large unique gallery format. In addition, our showroom has a presentation stage that can seat over 100 people for professional presentations.

MT offers a unique designer program with free samples, meeting spaces, complimentary beverages, online access, and exclusive discounts.

IDC: How has your business been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic?

GB: The biggest impact has been the inability to meet in person. Our showroom was designed to be a social space for designers. Many training events were planned. It is our hope that as things open, we can meet responsibly with the design community.

IDC: What lessons have you learned from 2020?

GB: The importance of relationships. Working together and finding inclusive ways that we can all grow professionally during these challenging times. Technology has grown in its importance as well.

IDC: What advice would you give to someone embarking on a career in porcelain and ceramic tiles, either as a manufacturer or supplier?

GB: Learn about your products and services. Be an educator; this is a priority. At the end of the day, we are an extension of the designer’s vision, and a piece in the puzzle for aesthetically beautiful  and technically sound projects.

IDC: How can IDC members find out more about Midgley Tecnica or get in touch with you?

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