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In recognition of Black History Month, IDC will be engaging different approaches for supporting our Black and underrepresented community members and celebrating the work and achievements of Black and underrepresented designers, to help ignite new dialogue within our community.

Join the Board

This summer, IDC will broadcast a call for submissions to fill three positions on the IDC board. The IDC Board of Directors seek members who bring diversity to the Board, offering unique experiences and points of view, as well as a vision to create a positive change in the interior design profession.

Read more about eligibility and view a sample application to help you prepare your submission. To support members in the preparation and submission process, Nomination Committee Chair and IDC Past President, Ian Rolston, invites prospective board members to send any inquiries to

IDC will communicate the call for candidates through various channels such as local and provincial outreach networks and associations focused on serving Black and underrepresented professionals.

Join IDC

Become a member today and enjoy many benefits that the association provides. Learn more about perks and benefits exclusive to IDC members.

During the month of February IDC is offering one year of free membership to support Black and underrepresented designers. As an association, IDC is aware that we must do more to support underrepresented designer in our industry. For more effective engagement, IDC is seeking to better understand how our services, benefits and programming can better serve you. Our goal is to foster growth and opportunities for our underserved member. Please send us comments to help inform our efforts.

Make Your Voice Heard

We love to share members’ achievements with our community of more than 40,000 followers. Whether it’s a new project, a product launch, or showroom opening, complete the form and we’ll share it far and wide.

A 2020 ThinkLab study focused on diversity and inclusion in interior design in the U.S. showed that 72.7 percent of designers of all disciplines are White (non-Hispanic) and only 4.84 percent are Black.

According to the Council of Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) data, Black students represent only 7 percent of all students enrolled in interior design programs in the U.S

Now is the time to act. IDC will work with interior design schools across the country to address the lack of diversity in the profession with the following initiatives:

  1. Collaborate with Black and underrepresented students, educators, and corporate entities to develop an action plan to increase engagement,
  2. Support established sponsorship and bursary programs at leading universities across Canada,
  3. Develop and deliver ‘The Business of Design,’ a tell-all training program to support underrepresented designers learn trade secrets from industry professionals of how to manage the business of design.

We want to hear from Black and underrepresented educators and students about what matters today and what IDC can do to support more equitable futures in design. Send us a note with your comments.


In celebrating the contributions of Black interior designers in Canada and the U.S. IDC will share clips of recent panel discussions, in-depth conversation, events and helpful resources to our social channels.

IDC will devote resources to build a diversity and inclusion research survey, to determine the needs of Black and underrepresented designers in our community to build understanding and better relationships.

Get in touch with us by emailing