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ARIDO GTA chapter needs your help to make this holiday season a memorable one for low-income families. Help support the Holiday Helpers Canada by giving generously.

If you want to help, we will provide you with a description of a family and their wish list to assist you with personalizing the gift basket. Interested parties should contact Vera before November 23, 2012. Your donation will help these families during this special time of year.

Typical gift baskets contain items like toiletries, warm jackets, clothing, household items, toys , or grocery gift cards. Baskets can range in size depending on the size of family you would like to adopt. Items will be presented during the Holiday Helpers gift wrapping event on December 12. Gifts can either be delivered by your company directly, or picked up by an ARIDO member.

Please help GTA chapter donate 20 personalized gift baskets.

Get in the spirit and be part of the team, contact Vera today!

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