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In fall of 2019, Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) hosted a two-day workshop by Vancouver-based,  urban planning and design consultancy, Happy City as part of IDC’s 2019 Design Symposium in Vancouver, B.C. IDC is pleased to share the collected research and findings from the workshop.

The Happy City report titled: ‘Happy & healthy interiors; building empathy through design thinking’ speaks to empathy in the workplace, which was one of the themes of the 2019 design symposium.

The report has been organized into four main sections, based on the workshop outputs. The sections break down as follows:

  • Activity #1: Exploring current successes, challenges and opportunities for interior design practice
  • Activity #2: Identifying successes, challenges and opportunities for specific interior design realms
  • Activity #3: Exploring design actions that can boost wellbeing
  • Activity #4: Prototyping design actions

The report is also a collection of all the notes and sketches from the workshop, showcasing the work of IDC members who attended the engaging workshop.

View the full report