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IDC National Partner, Benjamin Moore, has announced October Mist as the Colour of the Year.

IDC: Why is October Mist the Colour of the Year?

Benjamin Moore: October Mist CC-550 stood out among the colours being considered not only because it nods to the need for comfort and nurture, but also because it captures the desire for escape and imagination. As we worked with October Mist CC-550, it quickly became clear that it creates a canvas for experimentation, encouraging the use of colour in the home.

IDC: How did you select the Colour of the Year?

BM: We have always been deeply immersed in creative industry-leading trends and cultural relevancy, and the process in finding the Colour of the Year is continually evolving. The challenges throughout the past year actually encouraged us to become even more creative and to come up with out-of-the-box solutions in our research and collaboration methods. This year, it felt right to take an introspective approach to exploring colour. We considered personal and authentic experiences, plus cultural influences that resulted in each team member looking at colour trends from unique perspectives.  We brought this information together to consider colour trends on a broader scale, focusing on how colour serves as an ideal tool for self-expression and creativity.

You can learn more about the journey to #ColourTrends2022 here:

IDC: What is the suggested use of October Mist?

BM: Whether it’s a bedroom or a study, October Mist CC-550 is a versatile colour that can be used in many spaces throughout the home. Taking inspiration from the stem of a flower, it’s an ideal colour to connect spaces and bring together other hues for a seamless result when moving from one room to the next.

IDC: Where can IDC members buy the Colour of the Year?

BM: Our Colour of the Year 2022 and all of the #ColourTrends2022 colours are available at your local Benjamin Moore retailer. Use our store locator to find the retail location closest to you: Additionally, limited edition kits are available on our e-store for $25. Items include a set of three votive candles and a color swatch for each color in the Color Trends 2022 palette.