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In honour of Indigenous History Month this June, Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) is celebrating the work and contributions of Indigenous designers within the Canadian interior design community.


Call for Indigenous Designers

IDC is seeking designers who identify as Indigenous and IDC members who have contributed to Canadian Indigenous projects or have been involved with Indigenous design in some way. If you or anyone you know qualifies, IDC would like to speak with you and feature your work in celebration of Indigenous History Month this June. Designers will be featured on IDC’s website and their work will be shared across all social media channels. Get in touch with us at to learn more!


IDC Indigenous Design Task Force

IDC is also hoping to connect with members who would be interested in joining an Indigenous Design Task Force, led by IDC’s Vice President, Keshia Caplette. IDC aims to encourage and promote Indigenous design and its development by advocating on behalf of Indigenous communities nationally and internationally. If you are interested in joining the task force, or know anyone who would be interested in joining, please contact