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December 31, 2019Hosting an IDC Board Meeting
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Hosting an IDC Board Meeting


The Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) is governed by a Board of Management that consists of 9 elected directors and a Past President; representing the following areas:

  • Regional representation from across Canada;
  • Representation from all interior design practice streams – e.g. corporate, commercial, retail, hospitality, institutional, healthcare, residential, government, Education, and Industry;
  • Employed in a variety of practice sizes – from sole practitioners to large firms; and
  • Varying experience, cultural backgrounds, age, language and genders

The board meets face-to-face up to four times per year and additionally by teleconference. The face-to-face meetings are scheduled in late September or early October following the IDC Annual Meeting, as well as February, May and late-July/early-August.

The opportunity for a hosted board meeting exists for all board meetings. We would like to extend to our industry members, the opportunity to host one or more IDC coard meeting, per year. For each hosted board meeting, the schedule is generally as follows:

Thursday – travel day for 10 board members and up to two staff

Friday – full day with / for host for tours, roundtable discussions, etc., evening dinner with host

Saturday – full day board meeting, evening with host,

Sunday – travel day for board members


Our goal with hosted board meetings is to allow an IDC Industry Partner the unique opportunity to spend quality, dedicated time with a select group of interior designers from across Canada. Members of the IDC board are individuals who have committed to the profession and the association. To be a board member, they have had experience as a board or committee member – often for many years. In other words, they have their pulse on the interior design industry and profession across Canada. They are consummate volunteers who are interested in advancing the profession and ensuring that members’ interests are served.

Our commitment to a board host is to ensure that we provide you with valuable information that can help your company’s outreach strategy. Our group will provide you with whatever insight or knowledge you are interested in; whether it is about your product offerings or your outreach strategy. Our specific intent is to give time to the industry partners who support us in so many ways throughout the year.                                                                                                                      


The investment for a fully hosted meeting we estimate to be about $12,000 and includes the cost of travel (airfare and transfers), hotel for two nights, and meals together with our host, at the chosen location.

Partially hosted board meetings are also possible and could include hosting a lunch, dinner, cocktails and transportation.

If you have a facility you would like us to visit, we are happy to have the meeting at your location. If not, we are happy to have the meeting in a central location where we can connect with an even larger audience by potentially also inviting the local interior design community. We are interested in a combination of both options for our hosted meeting and are happy to discuss the best fit for your company.


With limited opportunity annually for a hosted board meeting, experience indicates that the spots will go quickly. The intimate time with the host company sharing information, not only with the company itself but with colleagues across Canada, is a unique learning opportunity that can not be found elsewhere.

We thank you for considering this opportunity. In conclusion, please know that we are happy to work with your team to put together a program that works for you and allows us the time we need to accomplish our agenda.

More Information:

For more information, please contact:

Tony Brenders

Chief Executive Officer


(toll free) 1-877-443-4425 x 9

Start Date & Time Tuesday, January 1, 2019 at 7:00 AM
End Date & Time Tuesday, December 31, 2019 at 7:00 AM
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