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EDIT – Expo for Design, Innovation, and Technology

Published by Patrick Voisin, October 11, 2017.

IDC would like to thank and congratulate Thibodeau Architecture + Design and IDC Member, Phil Wong, for creating an amazing booth for IDC at EDIT – Expo for Design, Innovation, and Technology in Toronto.

The title of the installation, “Prosperity for all – but who is the one to nourish prosperity” was aimed to provoke and encourage people to think about what they can do as individuals to contribute to the greater concept of prosperity.

The design concept was inspired by Hong Kong’s renowned ‘Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees.” Some 700 years ago, during festivals, villagers would toss paper high into trees and make wishes. It was believed that he higher the branch the paper landed on, the more likely the wish would come true.

Phil’s design replicated the act of tossing paper and involved delicate crepe paper, penned sentiments and the act of giving. The booth generated an impactful participation from attendees, promoted awareness of the subject of prosperity and triggered discussions on how the act of seeking prosperity impacts our daily lives.

“The IDC team was delighted to support EDIT’s ambitious program of talks and activities, geared towards engaging interested individuals, groups and communities in thought-provoking and inspiring discussions and exhibits regarding how design impact lives as well as the shape of a future society that will deliver prosperity for all.

EDIT delivered on its vision, as the show was inclusive, accessible, and interactive and so proved appealing to most age groups. And the IDC booth, designed by the Thibodeau Architecture + Design team in Vancouver, following the theme of prosperity for all, proved the ideal way for our team to actively engage visitors in expressing their ideas and wishes for the future. Congratulations to the EDIT team on staging such a successful festival.” Tony Brenders, CEO of IDC.

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