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Published by Patrick Voisin, March 02, 2017.

The 2017 Impact Summit will be the first ever in Canada, and is taking place in Toronto’s rejuvenated Regent Park and the stunning Omni King Edward Hotel. Summit attendees will include senior practitioners and emerging leaders in the fields of design and architecture, building and facilities management, city planning, all levels of government, and the business and non-profit sectors.

Registration is now open!

Migration and how to respond to its multiple challenges remain at the forefront of the media as well as political, socio-economic, and human rights agendas. With contemporary society seemingly in a state of flux, grappling with how to build and sustain cohesive, integrated, inclusive communities that serve the needs of all equally, you will actively contribute to expert discussions on the future of migration, culture and diversity and their key roles within North American society.

The 2015 Impact Summit in Orlando, Florida resulted in an excellent White Paper, and 2017 will be no different. Not only will you receive extensive education (10 CEU hours - HSW) and networking opportunities, you will actively engage in discussions that will help shape the future of the integrated, inclusive, communities that North American society so urgently need.

Register today for this event that has been years in the making!

For more information, please visit our IMPACT SUMMIT website.

Sponsorship opportunities still available.


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