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NCIDQ Exam changes and July 15 deadline

Published by Patrick Voisin, June 22, 2017.

IDC wants to remind our intern members who are preparing to sit the Fall 2017 NCIDQ Practicum Exam that they must register with CIDQ before July 15th, 2017. This is also the deadline for candidates planning to sit the IDFX and IDPX this fall. We’d like to make you aware of some significant changes to the NCIDQ exam, which will now include a digital practicum that will be offered in English only. The IDFX and IDPX will continue to be offered in French.

Fall 2017 Exam Calendar (Deadline dates can be found on the CIDQ website):

Apply with CIDQ:

Application review begins................May 15, 2017

Application review ends....................July 15, 2017

Register with CIDQ & SCHEDULE with Prometric:

Registration & scheduling begins.....July 1, 2017

Registration ends....................................September 30, 2017

Scheduling ends......................................October 31, 2017*

*CIDQ strongly recommends scheduling early to ensure seat availability and choice of dates. Registered (purchased) exams must be taken in the current (Fall-OCTOBER) administration and cannot be rolled over to a different administration. CIDQ cannot guarantee available seat and time for any candidate who waits until the final days to begin the process of scheduling their exam.

SIT FOR EXAM at Prometric Test Center Site:

EXAMINATIONS ADMINISTERED...............October 1-31, 2017

Changes in the Practicum:

The new Practicum (PRAC 2.0) will arrive this October and, like the previous written practicum, will be four hours long. The CIDQ team has produced a three-minute demonstration video to provide an overview of the new format exam.
A PRAC 2.0 Quiz, containing 13 practice questions, can be purchased from the CIDQ website ( - price $12 US. These practice questions use the same customized test platform and methodology as the full scale PRAC 2.0 exam: namely Hot Spot, Drag and Place, Fill in the Blank, and Multiple Choice.

Building Code study materials and resources

The building code section of the CIDQ website has now been extended to include 16 pages of study reference materials.

Study Sessions:

IDC and our NCIDQ Study Sessions lead facilitator, Rebecca Muyal have consulted with CIDQ’s Practicum Exam Manager and concluded that it will not be possible for IDC to hold Weekend Study Sessions for our intern members this August or September. We are therefore concentrating on supporting our intern members by directing them to the dedicated study resources created by the CIDQ team and available through the NCIDQ website. Here, again, is that link that leads to the demonstration video, which provides an overview of PRAC 2.0.

Following the Fall 2017 digital practicum, IDC plans to gather feedback from our intern members who plan to write the exam in October 2017 and all such feedback will therefore be most welcome.

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