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IDC supports Canadian design research

Published by Sarah Bradbury, January 11, 2016.

Last year, IDC announced our support of InformeDesign® to facilitate interior designers’ use of current, research-based information as a decision-making tool in the design process in an evidence-based approach. With IDC’s funding of InformeDesign®, our goal is to highlight Canadian research and increase collaboration among researchers, practitioners, educators, students and industry professionals.

InformeDesign® has already begun writing Research Summaries and this week, new Research Summaries from Canadian findings have been posted on the site.


  • Green Buildings Provide Higher Occupant Satisfaction (2013) about an environmental assessment of green (sustainably designed) and conventional buildings to determine performance relative to user satisfaction and physical conditions.
  • How Older Workers Cope with Challenges in the Workplace (2014) about how older workers (age 55+) adapt to their workplaces, to what degree they are successful, and the factors that influence a positive outcome.
  • Health Benefits from Access to Amenities at Work (2013) about the relationship between access to workplace amenities and leisure-time physical activity for Canadian adults.


You can search for Research Summaries by title. To ensure that you receive notification of their publication with a direct link to the Research Summary, go to InformeDesign and register. Registration is free and your information is not shared.

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