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Here’s what you need for an evidence-based approach

Published by Sarah Bradbury, April 18, 2016.

Last year, IDC announced support of InformeDesign® to facilitate interior designers’ use of current, research-based information as a decision-making tool in the design process in an evidence-based approach. With IDC’s funding of InformeDesign®, our goal is to highlight Canadian research and increase collaboration among researchers, practitioners, educators, students and industry professionals.

This week, two new Research Summaries have been posted that focus on the benefits of physical activity on physical and emotional health and well-being. The contributions of the designed environment to personal attitudes and behaviors at both ends of the age continuum are explored.

Early Childhood Television Watching and Physical Fitness (2012) is about a study that examined the possible association between the television viewing habits of young children and future mental and physical health and quality of life for children characterized by dietary habits, sleep disturbances and obesity.

Physical and Social Activities in Canadian Assisted Living Facilities (2014) is about a study that explored the availability and type of exercise and social activities offered at assisted living (AL) facilities in British Columbia and residents' perceptions of and engagement in these offerings. Physical activity has been shown to be key in reducing falls, maintaining physical (i.e., balance, strength, flexibility) and cognitive functional status and thereby preventing the need for higher levels of support for residents' activities of daily living (ADL).

You can search for Research Summaries by title. To ensure that you receive notification of their publication with a direct link to the Research Summary, go to InformeDesign® and register. Registration is free and your information is not shared.

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