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Interior Designers of Canada Unveils 2014 Salary & Fees Survey for Canadian Interior Design Industry

Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) today unveiled its 2014 Salary & Fees Survey, based on detailed information collected from its Registered members. The study provides an overview of current wages and benefits for employees, as well as current fees charged for common services.

The results presented are based on information submitted by respondents from across Canada, including sole-proprietors, multi-person interior design firms, and multi-disciplinary firms. The results of this study establish, first and foremost, a national benchmark of annual salaries and benefits in the industry, and form a reference for the public about what to expect when working with an interior designer.

The gathered data outlines the annual salary and client billing rates for positions in seven categories, including intern/junior designer, interior designer, senior interior designer, asssociate, principal/partner/owner, project manager, and CADD/technical. Client billing includes rates for mileage, drawings/printing, disbursements, goods purchased, renderings, video walk/fly-through. The data is further broken down by province and type of organization.

As described by the survey, the average annual salary for an intern/junior designer is $38,526. For an interior designer, the average is $51,937 and for a senior interior designer, $68,959. As a principal/partner/owner, the average jumps to $91,608. CADD/Technical sees an average annual salary of $52,117. In terms of hourly client billing rates, the average among all seven categories is $106.90 with principal/partner/owner as the highest with $140.40 per hour and intern/junior designer as the lowest at $73.40 per hour.

The survey also describes benefits offered by the firm and how those benefits are funded, whether the employer pays, the cost is shared between employer and employee, or the employee pays. The most frequently offered benefits include continuing education seminars/events, NCIDQ exam dues, LEED training and/or examination fees, and medical and dental plan for employees.

While providing in-depth information, facts, and figures that are of great importance to interior designers across the country, the study ultimately aims to provide industry practitioners with valuable information that not only impacts their own careers, but also serves to educate the public about the costs associated with hiring an interior designer.

“IDC has committed to providing our members with a triennial salary survey,” explains Susan Wiggins, Chief Executive Officer of IDC. “With a previous salary and fee survey under our belt, the first in 2010, we are creating comprehensive demographics that will allow our members to see the progression of data over a number of years.”

The 2014 Salary & Fees Survey was conducted by Bramm Research, an independent, third-party research firm in the form of an online survey, in both English and French. It was sent out to Registered members of IDC and ultimately gathered information from 439 respondents from across the country. The complete survey of comprehensive data with breakdowns by province, type of organization, and work status is available to all participants at no charge. It is available to all other members at a cost of $50.00 + HST. 

To obtain your copy of the survey results, click here. For more information, please contact


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