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The Importance of Good Design in the Workplace

It's all about employee retention, productivity and sustainability.
The truth is, most of us spend the better part of our waking life in our work environments. The spaces in which we work must support our well-being and productivity. Good design in the workplace can transform a stiff, boring office into a functional and attractive space that effectively addresses the needs of employees as well as clients.

The planning of a workplace should be developed with occupants in mind. Commonly requested design elements include access to daylight, exterior views, open design concepts encouraging collaboration as well as multipurpose meeting areas able to adapt to multiple situations. A well designed workplace can help make the most of available space, improve employee retention and ultimately impact a business's bottom line.

When a potential client walks into your space, they should immediately have a feel for your business's focus and philosophy. Let good design bring your business's brand into physical space while encouraging more cohesiveness teamwork amongst staff. On some projects, an interior designer may even contribute to the development and implementation of a branding and communications strategy in relation to the project.

Environmental and sustainability issues should be addressed by every responsible business. But a "green" workplace is more than just picking greener options for interior finish materials. Today, sustainable design takes into consideration the life cycle of materials and a design's resiliency and adaptability - your space should be functional and be reflective of your brand for years to come.

In short, when renovating, relocating, evaluating or establishing a new facility, working with an interior designer is one of the best investments a business owner can make. Their number one priority will be to ensure your space meets your business needs while ensuring that their design complies with all regulatory and legal requirements, protecting the life, health, safety and welfare of occupants.

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Photo - Tom Arban

Published on April 8, 2013

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