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Take Mission 2030’s “INteractor Pledge”

Published by Julia Salerno, April 30, 2014.

With Earth Day just recently passed, there is no better time than now to adopt the Mission 2030 INteractor Pledge.

Mission 2030 is a voluntary commitment to responsible sustainable consumption, production and disposal of resources and excess materials to support the Construction Resource Initiative (CRI) Council’s net zero construction, renovation and demolition (C&D) waste initiatives.

This new pledge was created as a key element of the CRI Council’s change strategy to help share our vision and engage all wide-ranging actors who can interact in any way and help us move our mission forward.

The Mission 2030 INteractor Pledge is a public acknowledgement that an individual, organization or government has taken its first step to eliminate the “concept” of building waste, in a responsible manner, for the safety of all and a sustainable future.

If your company is interested in taking the pledge, click here to help the CRI Council make this important mission a success.  

To learn more about Mission 2030 and its progress to date, click here.

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