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Ron Hughes, Interim Chief Executive Officer
I am IDC’s Interim Chief Executive Officer. I work with various stakeholders including government, business and the industry to increase the profile of Canadian interior design. I am a strategic leader, a people connector and the voice of interior design in Canada.

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Irma Kemp, Executive Assistant
I provide support to the CEO, IDC Executive and IDC Board, along with overseeing the IDC Career Centre. I ensure that IDC’s leaders have the resources and support they need in order to spread IDC’s vision both nationally and on a global level.

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Tony Sienes, Manager, Accounting
I crunch the numbers and oversee all accounting for IDC and its provincial associations.

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Debora Juliao, Director, Member Services
I ensure that our members are up to date on the latest trends, standards and developments in the industry through continuing education opportunities offered by IDC in each province. In addition, I work with conference organizers to coordinate speaking engagements for IDC members in order to promote hiring and working with an interior designer.

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Jamie Shea, Director, Business Development
I am IDC’s key contact for manufacturers and suppliers, connecting them with practitioners within the industry. I work with Industry members to promote their brand, achieve their marketing objectives and strengthen their relationships with interior designers.

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Patrick Voisin, Communications Coordinator
I am responsible for weekly news clippings, website management and social media. I also oversee the coordination of IDC’s exciting Awards and Honours programs. It is my job to keep our members informed and engaged and to communicate the initiatives of IDC to all our members across Canada.

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Sarah Bradbury, Communications Coordinator (Bilingual)
I am responsible for our weekly and monthly e-newsletters, partner magazine contributions, website management and social media. It is my job to keep our members informed and communicate the activities and initiatives of IDC to all members across Canada.

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Emily-Rose Smegal, Manager, Events and Trade Shows
I manage IDC’s corporate events, provincial Table Top Trade Shows and IDC’s presence at national trade shows. I work closely with IDC’s provincial member associations and coordinate sponsorship programs for the many IDC events held across the country which bring our Industry and practicing members together.

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Barbora Krsiakova, Marketing Coordinator (Bilingual)
I am IDC’s provincial liaison, responsible for coordinating all provincial and chapter events. I use the power of marketing and promotion to spread the word about regional events while encouraging member engagement at a local level. I oversee FIRM + Co. subscription program and its marketing opportunities.

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Victoria Bouthillier-Croteau, Membership Coordinator (Bilingual) 
I oversee and promote all professional development offerings and IDC’s affinity programs. I also administer and manage the website. It is my objective to create a value-driven membership experience for IDC and to ensure that members receive all the support they need to thrive in their profession.

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