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designFIND is IDC's online referral program to help you find the right interior designer for your upcoming project. Whether you are looking for an interior design firm for a residential, corporate, retail, restaurant or health-care project, designFIND can help you get started. designFIND offers a web-based, user-friendly system to access comprehensive profiles of interior designers.

1 - Begin your search by selecting a category and geographical service area.

2 - Click SEARCH and browse through a list of professional interior designers matching these criterion.

Want to narrow down your search?

Use CTRL + Click to add criterion including project type of project (homes, cottages, restaurants, healthcare facilities and much more), language, or choose limit your search to listings with portfolios?

Can't find a designer in your city?

The office of an interior designer may not be located in your city so expand your search and look per service area. The perfect interior designer for your project might not be far from home.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Contact IDC at 877.443.4425 and we will help you find a professional interior designer that is right for you.

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